3 Alternative Ways to Boost Your Instagram Profile

The posts that explain how to grow your Instagram account are a dime a dozen these days and they all tell the same story, like self-branding, keeping the photos identical, filling out your bio, choosing a profile picture, inserting a link to your website. A kid can figure that out so let’s look at some truly unique ways to grow your account instead of repeating what everyone else is doing.

Pay attention to quality

There is a reason why people pay thousands of dollars for wedding photographers, and even those photographers don’t shoot one photo, they shoot like 10 or 20 of the same to pick the best one. This to reduce the effect of shaking and other unforeseen circumstances that affect the end result. So before you start taking selfie after selfie and clicking that submit button you can take all those selfies and save them for later to pick the best one or two and post those.

Instagram isn’t about posting as much as you can, not if you want to build a reputable brand, it’s about posting what makes you stand out of the crowd so once you start focusing on that the results will be so much better.

Create custom landing pages

When you post a photo you don’t just want the viewers to like it or comment on it, you want to push them into taking a certain action like clicking a link to your website. For that reason, it’s important that your webpage at the very least covers that same image, and preferably is themed around that image in advanced ways. As I said, it’s okay to post only once a month or once every two weeks if you run a service that people don’t need on a daily base but only say once a year.

It’s not like you’re a travel blogger that travels the whole world in three months time, you have a business to run and that doesn’t include hanging out on Instagram all day long so what you do do it in the most professional way possible.

Automate the community building

You can’t automate what you post, though there are schedules we’re focusing on quality here, so while you focus on doing your job and posting quality content you let a bot or growth service take care of the rest. Don’t go for the first or cheapest service you can find though as there’s a huge difference in quality among the dozens of providers so do your homework.

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