Different Types Of Pumps For Your Cycle

Cycling is always fun and an effective workout which provides you with lots of energy as well as physical stamina. There are many athletes which do cycling on a daily basis. But cycling does require few accessories such as helmet and safety gear for protecting yourself from any kind of injury, portable water bottle for drinking purpose, cycling clothes and pumps just in case your cycle tires are less inflated with air. Less inflated tires result in extra efforts as well as it makes it difficult to ride the bicycle with empty air tubes. Most of the professional cyclists always carry air pumps with them that can inflate air inside the tire. With these pumps, you are good to go again in just few seconds. To know about the best pumps as per your need, you can visit Pumps for bikes.

Floor pumps: Floor pumps are the most common pump that you will find in most of the houses. These types of pumps are specifically designed for home use purpose. These pumps are capable of providing you with good pressure of air that can easily inflate your bike tire in just few pumps where as many other pumps fail to inflate your tires and require much more push in order to inflate the tire up to the desired pressure. These pumps are the most easy and simple to operate. The base of the pump is kept on to the floor and a push is made on the handle of the pump with the help of your hands. In just a few pushes, your tires are filled with high pressure.

Hand pump: Hand pumps are the portable pumps that you can use with your hands in order to inflate your bike tire. They are small in size as well as light weighted and can be used for travelling purpose. These hand pumps provide you with pressured air that requires few more pushes as compared to floor pumps as they have small air filling chamber. They can be easily carried if they fit on to the frame of your bicycle. So, if you have made your plan to do mountain cycling, then this is the best accessory that you can carry along with you.

Frame fit pumps: Frame fit pumps are also very popular these days as they are designed to fit in your bicycle frame. They are large and bit heavy as compared to hand pumps but can provide you with high air pressure that can inflate your tire very quickly. These pumps are mounted in your cycle frame and don’t cause any kind of problem while cycling. These pumps are best for road cyclist. These pumps are made available in many different sizes that you can choose according to your needs and according to your cycle frame.

CO2 Inflators: CO2 inflators are quick fix high pressured canisters which are filled with CO2 that you can use to inflate your tire on an emergency basis. These canisters are small in size and can be used only once. They are the most portable as you can carry these canisters in your pocket along with you.

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