How to Sell Your Photos on Instagram

Instagram is a place for visuals. The appeal of what you post could very well determine your success (or failure for that matter). On the flip side, this platform offers a great opportunity to showcase your photography skills and get paid for it. What follows is an outline of tips that you give you a smooth Instagram ride with your photos.

Be Authentic

First things first; for you to make money on Instagram (irrespective of your product), you have to be authentic. Yes. Brands value authenticity. In other words, don’t use staged or posed snaps for your portfolio. Publishers, business and art directors on Instagram tend to love photographs in social settings. And in this era of smartphones, capturing such photos isn’t that hard.

Don’t use the Square Format

Okay. Here is the thing; you can post your photos in a square format, but that isn’t necessarily the best option. You’re better of clicking your snaps in portrait or landscape format. Why? Well, square photos don’t come across as the work of a photographer. Sure, you may experience a hard time with thumbnails if you post your pictures in a vertical format. However, this gives you the ability to add more details not to mention the artistic background.

Don’t Forget to Use White Borders

As a brilliant professional artist, you should know a thing or two about what you want viewers to pay attention to. Also, you ought to perfect the art of using empty space to create a specific ratio for your photos. With white colored border, you to have total control over how images appear on your Instagram feed. That way, you can get more impressions and get enough traffic that you can cash in.

Try Out Flat Lays

No one will tell you this, but flat ways are a brilliant option to promote your brand and show potential customers that you’re a professional. And for the sake of clarity, this is a technique of placing a variety of items on a flat surface and photographing them from a bird’s eye view. Make sure that you are creating a compelling narrative with your out flat lays.

The Bottom

When done right, you can make a lot of money on Instagram with your photos. Oh, and you can diversify your earning opportunities too. Speaking of diversification, visit Income Artist to uncover other ways to monetize Instagram. After all, the platform has more than 800 million active monthly users so you can always find a way to get some extra cash.

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