New Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram is a place of numbers. In other words, the more followers you have, the easier it is to get noticed. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to grow a large audience, right? It sure does and here’s how to do it.

Work on Your Feed

Here’s the thing – your followers want to have an idea of what to expect when they follow you. So, be consistent and take the time to make your Instagram feed more appealing. You can for, instance, introduce your brand and what it is all about through Stories highlights. That way, any potential follower or client will know a thing or two about you and your brand. Think of this strategy as a trailer for your services or products.

Use an Automation Service

One of the easiest ways to attract more followers is to engage your audience. Even then, you may not have the time to like or comment on every post by your followers. You can, however, use an automation service to do the work on your behalf. Be careful though – not all services are worth your money. Visit The Small Business Blog to read about one called SocialCaptain.

Even though the company has a secure and well-laid-out website, there are enough red flags to raise doubts about this service. For instance, the site doesn’t have an email or phone form. On top of that, there are no real reviews by previous users on the website not mention that there’s no FAQ or help page.

Create an Eye-Catching Bio

Your Instagram bio is the first opportunity to make a great first impression and entice users to click the “follow” button. As a rule of thumb, don’t make the bio all about you. Focus on your target audience instead. Show your potential clients how you inspire or help them. Ensure that you create a well-crafted call to action in your bio. Tell your follower to subscribe to your email list, shop at the link below, purchase tickets and so on.

The Bottom Line

Be sure to take advantage of any opportunity you get to grow your Instagram following. Don’t post a few photos or emojis and hope that people will start to follow you. Create a consistent brand that can convert visitors to your account into loyal, engaged followers. Keep in mind that more people are now using Instagram instead if Google to search for brands – gives yours a competitive edge to stand out.

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