Portable rice cookers – Can’t live without it anymore

Portability of products is a non-negotiable quality in this time and age where everything moves very fast. The world has changed and people want things instantly from the comfort of their seats at home, at work and when they are travelling. Portability allows faster, efficient and less time consuming use of a product or service. So that is why rice cookers have joined the trend of portability. There are rice cookers which you can move around with when you want to go camping and other outdoor activities. They are not appliances that are fixed in the kitchen anymore, they are lightweight and do what the common rice cooker does.

One of those portable rice cookers is the Takeru mini rice cooker. It has a 0.8 liter capacity. This rice cooker can serve as a lunch box and a travel jar kitchen. If you are an avid traveler getting little time to sit down and make a meal, them this cooker is suitable for you. Most of those with busy business schedules have lauded it for coming in handy. It cooks fresh and tasty rice. It is a 2 in 1 appliance because it can cook as well as warm food. It weighs only 3.5 pounds and measures 7 by6 by 7 inches. When you are using it, you should look at where the water level is marked. Do not exceed the line. The vapor hole should be left uncovered whereas the binding clasps should be locked. After connecting to the power source, a red light to signal the start of cooking will come on. You will know that you rice is ready when the red light extinguishes then a green light will turn on to signal the warming process. It is recommended for tastier rice, the rice should be left to sit in the bucket for 10 minutes for the extra water to be absorbed. The Takeru mini rice cooker is one of the best portable rice cooker you can get.

The OEM 2 liter mini rice cooker is among the best portable travel rice cooker a busy person can have. It has multi-cooking options including porridge, it does not use up so much power, it saves energy and time. The inner pot is manageable as it does not stick rice on its sides, it performs the dual function of cooking and warming and furthermore it can be set to cook and warm automatically. The inner pot and streamer are dependable and durable. To attest to this, it is multi-layered with an aluminum oxide, an alloy gathered layer, a topaz oxide layer and a hardened finish layer. It has micro-computer panel for easy controls for proper cooking. It is white in color and is only 19 cm by 22cm with the inner pot being 17 cm by 11cm. This pot is large enough for a lone or few users who are always on the move.

Getting the best portable travel rice cooker should be a priority for those who in this competitive world get no time to sit and cook good food.

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