Recommendations for care of young face skin

The facial skin of the young people aged from 13 to 22-25 years differs in a visible tone, pleasant color, elasticity. Despite it, such skin can cause many problems to its owners. It is, of course, about the puberty period, and hormonal reorganization of an organism that very often is followed by the increased fat content of skin, and a plentiful rash of spots on the face.  And here is where young girls and guys making the mass of mistakes in the care of face skin, beginning to use all various means from a mass market which promise to save from spots but further can do to skin a bigger harm.

It is extremely undesirable to apply to young skin creams from spots. They perhaps also yield the result, but very strongly dry skin, and it can already lead to the fact that after 20 years skin will begin to lose the youth and attractiveness. The first wrinkles and other signs of withering will begin to appear. The creams from spots can be used, but only pointwise, greasing with them only heat-spots, especially without affecting the skin around.

The face spots are often a consequence of puberty, and on its termination, they most likely will pass. However, this period can last several years, and it is not really pleasant to have on a face all this “disgrace”, especially at the age of the first love, and romantic walks.

So how to look after the young skin? What cosmetics to use and whether to use in general?

As for the main young skin cream, the best option will be to pick up the soft moisturize cream that is specially intended for the care of young and problem skin. Its main effect is moistening, but not dehumidification of the skin. If you decided to buy one visit Moisturize Creams where you can find the reviews of the best moisturize creams available.

Now several words about clarification of pimpled young face skin. The internet is full of the councils about washing by soap, in the presence of spots on the face. But there is a wish to warn that you should not be fond of this procedure. Practically any soap aggressively influences on face skin, washing off its protective layer, and drying up even more. And if you daily wash your face soap, then aging symptoms (a wrinkle, dim complexion) will begin to appear.

Moreover, regular use of soap when washing will lead to the fact that further, it will be difficult for you to pass to any other means, in connection with a false feeling of “not purity” of face skin. Soap suds wash away not the only pollution from the skin but also her protective layer.

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