Sewing Machines And Their Feed Mechanisms

A lot of new technologies and developments have been made in the working model of the sewing machines throughout the years. A lot of things have been implemented and added to the whole mechanism of the sewing machine so as to make it more workers friendly and easy to use. With time new stitching patterns and other designing factors came into being. One such factor is the feed mechanism of the sewing machines, which is very important to understand because it is a differentiating factor among others.

Feed mechanism is the concept where the clothing also moves with the movement of the needles as because you need to stitch the full fabric and not a single corner or a single part of the fabric. This motion is called as feed and there are a lot of feed types which are used when the sewing is done. Namely,

  • Drop feed- almost all the household sewing machines use this type of mechanism where there is a thing called feed dogs and these are pushed up through the slots made in the machine surface. When the needles go up and down, the feed dogs carry the fabric horizontally, serving the purpose of the feed mechanism.
  • Needle feed- the needle is used as the operator here and the needle moves with the fabric and gives it the required motion and the stitching is also done simultaneously. The industrial works are done by this kind of feed mechanism.
  • Manual feed- it is doing the feeding process manually, as in the direction of the feed is controlled by the motion of the material being sewn. Normally the embroidery works and shoe repairing are done by this kind of feed mechanism.

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