The Do’s and Don’ts When Flying Drones

The number of people getting involved in flying drones is increasing and therefore this has great influence to the rate drone damages. It doesn’t necessarily matter if you are an expert or you are just starting to fly a drone, the point is that something will just go wrong and the drone will get damaged.

No one desires to damage his/her drone, and this is why you have to learn the rules of flying drones, which I called the do’s and Don’ts of flying drones.

The Do’s

Fly your drone during a good atmospheric condition

Lots of havoc can be avoided by flying your drone during a good weather condition. Obviously, you won’t enjoy the fun of flying your drone when the wind is against it, this is why you must ensure that you fly it in a good atmospheric condition. To learn more about how to move your drone without causing damages and for quality drone product, is just the best place to be.

Move away for Airports

One of the instructions that come with your drone is that it must not be used around the airport zone and this is because it can be hazardous. Collision with birds is still much okay as with planes can be life threatening. Therefore, do fly your drone far away from airports zones.

Observe the line of sight

One of the basic safety rules of the flying drone is to have it at your visual sight. Ensure you don’t fly your drone very far away beyond your visual range so as to reduce the risk of damaging things.


Don’t Move beyond 400 feet.

Ensure you don’t move your drone above this range because it is possible you fly and run into planes. Most of them may not see your drone and this is why you should not move it above that range.

Don’t Move Over Roads

Flying drones over a busy road are very good as it is fun to do, but it’s against the safety rule. You don’t want to envisage the havoc that will be caused if something goes wrong with your drone and it falls on a busy road.

Don’t move above people

One of the uses of drones is to move things from one place to the other. This is why you mustn’t fly above people because the object can easily fall off and injure the person who is not aware of the object that is above him/her.

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