The Right Techniques To Use Any Kind Of Rower

Those, who are doing their rowing for the first time, may find the rowing device to be very hard to operate. However, once they get familiar to it, they can realize that it is the most effective way of spicing up the regular routine of physical exercise. This rowing machine is also known as the ergometer. But if this machine is not used in a proper way, then it can lead to some back injuries. So, to help the users in keeping away from all those injuries, here is a short and helpful guide.

If you use the rower regularly, you have to note some things. Make certain that you put on formfitting outfits. Or else, there may be a risk of getting the cloth trapped in it, at the time of ding the exercise. Never set the level of resistance very high. Generally, the experienced rowers make use of the rowing device with the resistance level of about 3 to 5. Thus, for the novices, it can be two to three.

There are various ways of measuring the workout, thus, you have to consider a button (Change Display) on the machine in order to record the strokes for every minute, kilometers covered and the calories that are burned.

Beginning position during the workout

  • For the initial row, you can fix the low resistance while figuring out the form. Gradually, slope this up on the next rows.
  • Place the feet on cushions, tightening up the straps so that the feet cannot move around
  • Bring up the knees and glide to the upper part of your appliance. Grip the knob by means of your hand; however, do not hold very firmly.
  • Drag the knob when you glide to the tip of your rower. Your legs must be completely straight, though knees need to have a little bent so that they are not locked. Bend towards and then pull up the hands to the chest, griping the knob.

The catch

Stretch or move out the arms. The backside of your body must remain straight. Extending out the arms, you have to move the upper part of the body from slightly slanting back to the forward direction.

The Drive

In order to slide backwards, drive off with the feet. Thus, your legs can be straightened with the arms being extended. Your body needs to be leaning forward.

The final portion of the body that has to be returned to a particular position is the arm. When the upper body slants back, you can draw the knob and twist the arms in order that the knob or lever can touch the front part of the chest.

Thus, these are some techniques that you need to follow very strictly, while using the rower. There are many people, who cannot get the best result from their regular rowing. But, they do not know that it happens because of their improper process of rowing. So, get started today the effective rowing exercise and gain a healthy figure. If you are undergoing a gym course, your tutor will also perhaps help you in the right processes, which have to be followed.

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