Top Gardening Trends for 2018

The New Year often brings with it many new resolutions that help us make positive changes in our world. Today we focus on gardening. We look at the trends that are making headlines in the world of gardening so that you can also adopt them.

Outdoor Entertaining

Despite the weather being so unpredictable, homeowners are turning their gardens into entertaining areas where they install furniture, garden accessories and barbecues. This trend is not just for this year, it is expected to rise over the next few years.

These outdoor areas are suitable for the families that do not have a large kitchen to use or an indoor space big enough for the family or friends. You can create a small dedicated area that has comfortable furniture complete with mood lighting and an oven.

The Colour Palette

You can experiment in the garden with the right colours. This will be a truly rewarding experience that even kids will love. You can make use of different colours that are naturally found in the vegetation – you can add a touch of red, yellow, purple, blue and more.

You can use clay pots to introduce the colours and make sure the different plants do not grow into the next pot. You can make the colours stand out by adding furniture that matches the colour palette and complements the shades of the new plants

Grow Your Own Garden

This is one of the top trends in the past few years, with many homeowners tending to go for a plant-based diet.

With the rising prices in food, you need to make sure you have something to supplement the diet. The good thing about veganism is that you can work along with your kids as well. You get to teach them all about gardening at an early stage as you bond and teach them all about healthy living. Why not find out more about kids and gardening?

If you do not have enough space, opt for legumes, pumpkins and squashes that make use of vertical space as compared to others that make use of the horizontal space.

Herbs, tomatoes and salad leaves can grow well in boxes that you have put on balconies and patios, and they help you save on the cost of buying this from the supermarket as well.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are still in vogue, and are not purely for aesthetic reasons – you can decide to grow plants that make your home better.

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